Look When You Try To Honor BENGHAZI On Hillary’s Site … This is INFURIATING!

Just when you thought political campaigns could not get any slimier. Hillary Clinton’s just did. As reported by both the Daily Caller and Breitbart, a page on Clinton’s campaign website allows donors to make a dedication to go with that donation. Sounds like a heartwarming idea. Right?

Well leave it to the unethical Clinton campaign to go to a new low. While the site block attempts to donate in memory or really bad things, like Hitler or racial slurs, or homophobic slurs, it allows some really questionable and downright despicable dedications as well. Things like: Joseph Stalin, Jerry Sandusky, Osama bin Laden and ISIS.

The sick part, however, is how the page rejects anyone with a negative association with the Clintons. People like all of Bill’s accusers of sexual misconduct, those killed in Benghazi and even the very mention of the word Benghazi.

We all know what the Clintons think of everyday people and certain groups of people, thanks to Wikileaks, but now we know just what they think of specific people as well. Take a look at these screen captures:











Blocked donation in honor of Chris Stevens [screengrab]

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