Congress Just Took A BOLD Step To Protect America…Conservatives Are CHEERING!

The federal government has for years quietly placed foreigners in local communities across the country without notifying citizens.

Refugees are resettled from countries often listed as US enemies and from where terrorism is operating. Debate has raged for years that these resettled people have not been thoroughly vetted and pose a threat to citizens here.

President Donald Trump railed against the federal program while campaigning for president and is expected to halt the program going forward along with fighting illegal immigration.

Two US legislators plan to take the issue another step forward and allow governors to decide if any refugees are allowed settle in their states. From Fox News:

Senator Ted Cruz and Houston-area Rep. Ted Poe drafted the State Refugee Security Act, the Washington Examiner reported. The act is in response to actions by the Obama administration that allowed the federal government to send refugees to various states without their consent.

Former President Barack Obama settled refugees in several states without adequate vetting of the individuals, Poe said.

“Congress should empower states to protect their citizens,” he said.

In introducing the legislation, Cruz praised President Trump for pledging a tough fight against terrorism and said the bill would be another step toward keeping the country secure.

The federal government for too long has overstepped its authority in forcing such programs on states without consent of the states.

It’s another program in a long list of Obama’s authoritarian reign that will be stopped under Trump and the current Congress.

The people need to have a direct say in such matters without interference by federal authorities.

Source: Fox News

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