This Columnist NAILS The New York Times For Their Trump Coverage. ‘Simply Put…


One columnist has apparently had enough of the outright biased reporting coming out of The New York Times.

That columnist is The New York Post’s Michael Goodwin, and he’s is taking the Times to task for it.

Goodwin reflects on statements by Times Dean Baquet that imply that the Trump campaign is changing journalism. Goodwin argues the fallacy of that statement and backs it up with evidence. He points out that it is the Times’ own political bias over the years, especially the more recent years since Baquet took over, that has changed journalism.

“Simply put, his political bias precludes fair journalism. And once standards are gone, they are gone forever, meaning anyone wanting to work at the Times will face a political litmus test,” Goodwin wrote in his column Tuesday.

He also pointed out that while “more than 60 percent of voters regard [Clinton] as fundamentally dishonest…Baquet sees only Republicans as liars.” He points out that fact-checkers at the Times consistently attack Trump and spinning everything “to the advantage of Clinton.”

The link between the New York Times and the Clinton camp has been clearly illustrated in the most recent email release from WikiLeaks.

There we see John Harwood, The Times’ Washington correspondent, sending Clinton campaign chair John Podesta emails offering advice following interviews with at least one Republican presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson. We see Nicholas Kristof, a Times’ reporter sending Podesta interview questions ahead of the actual interview.

And the New York Post cites, “A Washington reporter gives Hillary Clinton veto power over quotations he can use from an interview. Another reporter is praised as someone who has ‘never disappointed’ in delivering stories the campaign wants ‘teed up’ for public consumption.”

Goodwin declared that he sees no fundamental difference between the Times’ news articles and their editorial page. That’s a sad fact that should bring shame to the Times. But Goodwin argues that this is just what Baquet has wanted all along.




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