CNN Host Absolutely Destroys Hillary Advisor … Left SHAKING In His Boots!

Jake Tapper grilled Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday over the latest FBI letter and tried to get to the truth of just who is to blame for the epic mess Clinton is in right now.

Tapper confronted Podesta over the fact that if Hillary had not set up the private server in the first place, none of this would be happening now. The Clinton campaign has repeatedly pushed all blame off of itself by pointing their collective fingers at everyone else including the Russians, the Trump campaign, WikiLeaks, and now FBI Director James Comey.

Watch the interview below with a partial transcript below:

TAPPER: Have you asked Huma Abedin why she did not turn over this computer that is now being reviewed by the FBI?

PODESTA: Look, I think Huma’s been completely cooperative with the authorities, and they have recognized that. She’s worked with her attorneys to turn over relevant material. But we don’t know what this is all about, really. So it’s very hard…

TAPPER: But, John, she hasn’t been completely cooperative if she didn’t turn over every device that had State Department emails on them, and this one computer did.

PODESTA: I think it’s clear — I think it’s clear that she complied to the best of her ability turned everything over that she had in her possession. I don’t know anything more than the speculation that’s running wild in the press now about what this is about. I have talked to her, of course, but…

TAPPER: Have you talked to her? Have you asked Huma — have you asked Huma Abedin what is on the computer and why she didn’t turn it over when she said she had given all the devices?

PODESTA: We don’t know what computer Mr. Comey is talking about. You’re assuming a lot of facts that we don’t know. So, I think that, as I said, she’s been fully cooperative with the authorities. And they have recognized that. And, you know, I think that the — you know, we could sit here and speculate and put facts into the record based on anonymous…

TAPPER: I’m not speculating, sir. Our reporting is that it was a laptop computer that belonged to Anthony Weiner, and they found State Department e-mails on that laptop. That’s reporting. That’s not speculation. You have access to Huma Abedin. I don’t. Have you asked her how this happened?

PODESTA: I don’t think she knows anything more than what we have seen in the press to date. So, you know, I’m sure if the — you know, if people — if proper authorities want to ask her questions, they will ask her questions, but she’s been fully cooperative in this investigation.

It wasn’t too long ago that Comey was well thought of by the Clintons. But now the tides have turned and Comey is under attack from the very people who once lauded him.

Today, The FBI Informed Congressional Leaders That It Found New Evidence And Was Reopening Its Investigation In Clinton’s Mishandling Of Classified Information. “FBI Director Comey, in letter to members of Congress, says FBI is investigating additional emails in Clinton private server case.” (Bradd Jaffy, Twitter Feed, 10/28/16)

Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta Reacted By Attempting To Discredit The FBI Announcement Calling It “Extraordinary” And Demanding The FBI “Immediately Provide The Full Details Of What He Is Now Examining.” “Podesta: ‘It is extraordinary that we would see something like this just 11 days out from a presidential election. The Director owes it to the American people to immediately provide the full details of what he is now examining.’” (Zeke Miller, Twitter Feed, 10/28/16)

But at least we know now, at least as far as Podesta tells us, is that Clinton won’t do it again.

Perhaps not in the way he thinks because if Comey is willing to weather the vicious attacks by Hillary and her surrogates, then this investigation may just be getting the teeth it needs to see this through to its rightful conclusion.

h/t: Mediaite

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