As Trump Spoke, His Fans Chanted Something The MEDIA Will Absolutely HATE!

Anyone who watches or listens to mainstream media outlets already knows that there is a significant amount of bias in favor of Democrats. All we need to do is pick up a newspaper like the Washington Post or turn on CNN, NBC, CBS or ABC and the spin is evident.

Now some of Donald Trump’s supporters are fighting back.

According to The Daily Caller, “Thousands of supporters started chanting ‘CNN sucks’ during a rally for Donald Trump Monday night.” This as Trump spoke before about 8,000 people at a rally in Pennsylvania. Trump called CNN a “disgrace,” “dishonest,” and said, “They don’t want us to win.”

“They don’t want us to win,” Trump said. “They don’t show these crowds. They don’t want to do it, they keep that camera pinned to my face. They are so dishonest.”

He continued:

I used to think they couldn’t — mechanically they didn’t move — but unfortunately when we had a protestor the first time, those cameras they turned like a pretzel.

The people agreed as they broke into the “CNN sucks” chant. While the chanting isn’t necessarily presidential and wasn’t discouraged by Trump, it does highlight the growing frustration that conservatives throughout the country are experiencing as they must fight to be heard on almost all media outlets. At the same time, Democrats have only to show up and they receive wall-to-wall coverage highlighting their own spin on issues.

CNN should take notice. Conservative media outlets like Fox News and many conservative radio talk shows have grown immensely over the past decade. An educated electorate needs to hear both sides of the story. They need to hear all arguments for and against specific issues. But the biased reporting that comes out of networks like CNN is abhorrent. Can they really call themselves reporters still?

Watch Trump’s fans chant “CNN Sucks” here:




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