Hillary’s TRUE Feelings On Terrorism EXPOSED! They DON’T Want You To See This!

Another round of leaked emails is showing how a key staffer with the Democratic nominee prefers that white people be blamed for killing Americans and not radical Islamic terrorists.

The emails, snatched from the files of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, reveal the extent of racism and anti-American sentiment within Clinton’s campaign.

She’ll be dancing around this revelation along election the trail – along with more than 11,000 emails released to date – trying to explain why she loves hate-filled Muslims more than hard-working Americans.

From RedState:

In one of the emails from the mailbox of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, it is revealed how despondent he was when the San Bernardino, California shooter from 2015 didn’t turn out to be a lily-white, Christian, average American Joe-type.

“Better if a guy named Sayeed Farouk was reporting that a guy named Christopher Hayes was the shooter,” Podesta wrote in a Dec. 2, 2015, email to Karen Finney, a Clinton campaign spokeswoman.

Podesta’s bigotry against Americans and racism against Caucasians was evident.

Podesta was referring to MSNBC host Christopher Hayes, who had tweeted at the time that a U.S. citizen named “Sayeed Farouk” was believed to be one of the people involved in the shooting.

Because wild-eyed Caucasians fit the narrative of the left, so much better.

Podesta showed no concern over the murdered Americans, only expressing how he couldn’t spin the slaughter in Clinton’s favor to denigrate American citizens.

In the attack, 14 people lost their lives, while 22 more were injured. At the time, these were said to be co-workers of Farouk. He had no beef with any of them, from all accounts, and they even threw he and his wife a baby shower, at one point.

Farouk and his wife were thought to have been radicalized through internet sources and a steady diet of propaganda from outside of the U.S.

Both Farouk and his wife, Tashfeen Malik were killed in a shootout with police.

Clinton and her anti-American liberals on the left have attacked the nation’s values and people at every point while twisting their anger and hate into something too many are buying into this election cycle.

Clinton hates America. Her minions, including Podesta, want to promote a foreign culture and religion above American culture and its faith-based people. Clinton has disdain for people like herself, blaming people because of the color of their skin for all the ills of the nation.

Podesta’s emails are just a glimpse into the Clinton’s heart and her hate-filled message against America.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump hasn’t gained any brownie points with the left (and many on the right) in recent days, but he did expose the real problems in the county, such as unchecked refugees flooding into the country and radicalization of American Muslims who are hell-bent on killing American citizens on domestic soil.

He’s more right every day that Clinton and her leftist cronies want to help terrorists hurt Americans, and somehow blame our patriotic citizens, especially if they’re white.

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