Clintons Set Up Foundation In Harlem, Where They Moved TELLS You EVERYTHING!

No doubt if any conservative organization had done what the Clinton Foundation did then it would be plastered all over the news for weeks.

There would be apologies and explanations. But the rules appear to be different for the Clintons.

“Clinton Foundation officials decided in 2011 to move their offices from Harlem to the Wall Street financial district in lower Manhattan and share the office with financial giant Goldman Sachs.” The Daily Caller reported from the latest round of WikiLeaks emails.

And the move wasn’t cheap, raising the foundation’s rent by $2.2 million. The move also left empty and without rent 8,600 square feet of government-owned space with the US Government (aka taxpayers) on the hook for the expenditure.

Former President Bill Clinton proudly boasted of his commitment to the people of Harlem in 2001. But in one of John Podesta’s leaked emails, Laura Graham, the foundation’s former COO, said that Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton all wanted to move from Harlem immediately. Graham also feared the landlord leaking the news to the press.

Following the move, the Clinton Foundation shared space with Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs, the same company that later paid Clinton for three speeches at a cost of $675,000. Transcripts of those emails have yet to be fully released.

At the very least, this move appears to be at the express benefit and convenience of the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation while at the same time leaving taxpayers on the hook for the empty Harlem space. Bill Clinton made a commitment to the people of Harlem, one that he doesn’t appear to have taken seriously once the public praise for such a move had worn off and his and his family’s desires took center stage. Worse yet, the hypocrisy of the lack of media coverage over emails like this is appalling.

They consistently attack Donald Trump for his Wall Street ties while ignoring Clinton literally sharing office space and taking over half a million dollars of money from one of the biggest Wall Street firms. How can anyone look at these facts and not believe there is a significant, pro-Democratic bias in the mainstream media?




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