Clinton Campaign Worker WASN’T Expecting This! … EMBARRASSING For Hillary!

With less than two weeks to go until Election Day, campaign fever is at its highest. During this time, we can expect a daily barrage of mailers, phone calls, and even visitors to our doors all trying to persuade anyone still undecided on issues or candidates to vote in their favor. But one Hillary Clinton campaign worker crossed a line while visiting a California neighborhood.

A supporter of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was going to door-to-door in Monrovia, Calif., Sunday speaking with residents and leaving campaign material for residents to read.

The Independent Journal Review reported that when the supporter, an unidentified woman, approached one door, she decided to do something different. This door already had campaign material on it, but nothing supporting Clinton. In fact, the resident who lived there described it as “anti-Hillary signs.”

We probably wouldn’t know anything about this type of activity normally, but this time the resident had a security camera running which the campaign worker didn’t seem to notice. He posted the video on Twitter:

As she approaches the door, she can be seen reading the anti-Hilllary signs and sighing. She then removed the anti-Hillary signs and “placed a pro-Clinton door-hanger on the doorknob and went on her merry way. She took the anti-Hillary signage with her.”

In the grand scheme of things, this relatively minor act of a single campaign worker in California is not that bad. But it is representative of a larger problem. Here we have a campaign worker stealing someone else’s property, the resident’s signs, and replacing them with her own. And she supports the candidate who has repeatedly skirted the law by destroying devices, deleting emails and lying to the American public. America has historically been a bastion of free speech. This Clinton supporter, at least, seems to believe that only applies if the speech is hers.

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