So Called ‘Fact Checker’ Said It Was ‘Mostly False’ That Clinton Wanted ‘Open Borders’

In Wednesday night’s final presidential debate, Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton was asked about comments she’d reportedly made about wanting open borders. Clinton keeps asking voters to check out her facts. But to do that, we have to look at all of the facts. And at least one fact-checking organization isn’t doing that.

Republican Party nominee Donald Trump first brought up the issue when discussing immigration and national security. He claimed that she wanted “open borders.” Fox News host and debate moderate Chris Wallace also pressed Clinton on the issue quoting a leaked speech transcript to a Brazilian bank where Clinton stated, “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.”

Given the leaked email evidence, Clinton’s denial of dreaming of open borders is clearly a lie, right?  Well, Politifact disagrees. They rated Trump’s statement about Clinton wanting open borders as “mostly false.” Why? Because Clinton has also said she supports border security. By that logic, anyone can claim anything and flip flop as much as they want and still not be called wrong since at one time they did in fact say that. Breitbart sharply criticizes Politifact. “That is transparent nonsense, and reveals Politifact to be more a left-wing rapid-response front than a fact-checking group.” They go on to point out several times that Clinton has contradicted herself and flip flopped on issues such as supporting border security and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal she staunchly supported until labor unions and Sen. Bernie Sanders disagreed with her.

Breitbart also points out that the use of the phrase “border security” is misleading. Each candidate has said that they support border security, but the level, type, and method of security vary beyond belief with Clinton favoring amnesty for most illegal immigrants and Trump demanding an overhaul of the system and strict entrance guidelines that will actually be followed.

Clinton has attempted on several occasions to explain her quoted transcript stating that she was only talking about energy. But she refers to a “common market” similar to the one we see throughout Europe. That’s not just limited to energy. That level openness would virtually do away with our borders and create, as Clinton said, a truly hemispheric market. Do we want that type of market? Do we want our borders and our economy inextricably linked with 12 nations? Or do we want to remain free and independent creating a growing, vibrant economy that is directed toward our own country’s success as the top priority?

We know exactly where Clinton stands. And this “fact check” makes it clear were Politifact stands as well.

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