BREAKING: Illegals JAMMING Traffic Up In NYC … This CANNOT Be Tolerated!

One of the main commuter entrances to New York City was blocked Wednesday morning by angry, anti-American protesters.

Protesters screamed in a foreign language at hard-working Americans trying to get to work across the George Washington Bridge between the city and New Jersey. Police were called to break up the protest and let workers get to their jobs.

It’s another show of people angry at America trying to take over public areas and force upon citizens their extremist goals to suppress the American people and their value of hard work.

As reported on WABC:

GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE (WABC) — Protesters blocked the upper level of the George Washington Bridge Wednesday morning during rush hour.

They were being removed around 8:30 a.m. Ten people are under arrest, seven men and three women.

Protesters tried to make police look bad while police officers arrested their criminal co-conspirators.

Protesters verbally attacked commuters during the protest.

Efforts by protesters to stop access to jobs didn’t last long.

The upper level inbound was reopened by 9 a.m., with police activity in the right lane. South walkway is closed to pedestrian traffic.

The inbound upper level had been closed to remove the protesters.
The We Are Visible #SomosVisible protesters are demanding “equal rights for immigrants and political power for marginalized communities.”

In following the story, protesters tried to make the police effort seem more violent than what happened. Police handcuffed the protesters and quickly removed them from blocking traffic.

Protesters are asking for rights they don’t deserve – rights for illegal immigrants invading the country and abusing American citizens and resources, and rights for communities of people who shouldn’t be here. These people don’t have rights guaranteed to American citizens.

America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, doesn’t need, or want, freeloaders and criminals who enter the country illegally and then start making demands. If these people want freedom so badly, why didn’t they stand up for it in their own country? Do something about it there, and don’t bring all the problems, lack of respect and criminal behavior into a land of law-abiding citizens enjoying the fruits of THEIR labor.

No one entering America illegally should have the right to demand more than what citizens here are provided. Citizens need to start protesting the protesters and let the government know who they really need to support – citizens, not invaders.

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