BREAKING – Corporate Giant Makes YUGE Jobs Announcement…Liberals Are LOSING It!

The sound of liberal politicians raving about climate change or gender identity or globalist compliance has sickened the stomachs of Americans for too long.

American families scraping out a living in an unmerciful economy want to hear about jobs, opportunity and real hope for a stronger, safer United States.

Liberals scoffed at the American people until liberals burned their last bridge and a maverick political outsider was elected to the White House. Finally, a man of intention and action in the seat of power.

President Donald Trump has already delivered a blistering start to his promises of jobs, a better economy and striking down liberal enforcement of ideological nonsense that doesn’t move the country forward.

Now, liberals are sick to their stomachs and losing their lunch on a daily basis as Trump radically redefines America’s interests more in line with the people. His effect on the economy is attracting significant attention from business leaders who are now planning more investments in the US.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson says President Donald Trump’s tax cuts would spur more investment from his company.

Stephenson, speaking on a conference call with analysts, said he was impressed with everything Trump said to him during a recent meeting before his inauguration Friday, USA Today reported.

“We know at AT&T that if you saw tax rates move to 20 percent to 25 percent, we know what we would do: We would step up our investment levels,” Stephenson said.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson (Business Insider)

Stephenson said he came away from the meeting with Trump with high expectations tax reform and regulatory reform “could actually be pulled off this year.”

“I was impressed,” Stephenson said. “The president had a very specific agenda in terms of what he thought was critical, and that was tax reform and regulatory reform. And we spoke at length about each of those. So, I left with a degree of optimism.”

Trump continues to bolster a plan of attacking problems head-on and not worrying about all the naysayers who rail against him.

Liberal politicians and their like-minded leftist cohorts around the world are fuming because a political novice has destroyed conventional methods of holding meetings, writing reports, evaluating data and then never getting anything done.

Trump speaks what the people want, and then he takes action to accomplish that goal.

His business sense and abilities lead his thinking, and that is attracting business leaders to follow his lead in getting things done sooner than later.

Source: Newsmax

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