BOOM: James O’Keefe Strikes AGAIN! This Time Heads Are ROLLING!

An undercover video series tracking Democratic operatives relayed an elaborate voter fraud scheme, and Democratic operatives were ready and willing to execute the crime against America.

The undercover videos, released by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action (PVA), filmed PVA journalists acting as campaign donors when meeting with Democratic operatives. The “donors” followed the lead of one operative detailing a voter fraud scheme and continued through to deeper, darker operatives willing to dodge laws to defraud the election system.

Videos in the series are graphic, showing how these operatives are willing to abuse even Democratic voters to accomplish their criminal goals.

O’Keefe opened the second part of the series sharing how the first release Monday went viral on social media and led to the firing of two operatives shown in the videos.

Part one blew up on social media with many Americans wondering why the mainstream media wasn’t covering the story,” O’Keefe stated. “In fact, Project Veritas Action had television exclusives lined up around the country. Those television stations spiked the story at the last minute. Our sources tell us the reason they did so was fear of retaliation and retribution from a future Hillary Clinton administration.”

You can view the first video here.

Undeterred by mainstream media’s lack of stomach, O’Keefe explained the power of the continuing series of videos.

“Truth is dangerous, especially when it challenges those in power.”

Scott Foval, featured in the first and second video releases, was fired Tuesday by Americans United for Change. Bob Creamer, also featured in both releases, resigned Tuesday from his position in the Democratic Party.

Creamer heads Democracy Partners which was founded in 2011, according to Project Veritas Action, and is married to Rep. Jan Schakowsky D-Ill. Creamer, PVA said, plead guilty to tax violations and bank fraud in 2005. His conviction bought him five months in prison and 11 months of house arrest, according to O’Keefe.

The second set of videos details how willing, and capable, these Democratic operatives are to perform voter fraud.

“In this video, Democratic operatives tell us how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale,” O’Keefe said. “Our investigators wanted to find out what it would take to get the highest favorable (voter) turnout. (Foval) was more than willing to lead us through the process of how to rig an election.”

Foval, Deputy Political Director at People for the American Way at the time of the videos, said manipulating voters is a skill well-developed and well-funded by Democrats over decades.

“We did the exact same thing” Foval stated. “Only, we manipulated the vote with money and action, not with laws. It’s a very easy thing for Republicans to say, ‘Well, they’re bussing people in.’ Well, you know what? We’ve been bussing people in to deal with you fuckin’ assholes for 50 years, and we’re not going to stop now. We’re just going to find a different way to do it. So, I mean, I grew up with that idea. They used to bus people out to Iowa. If we needed people out there we’d bus people out to Iowa.”

The idea being discussed, O’Keefe stated, was how to bring people from one state, Wisconsin, into another state to vote illegally. That idea would negate the old ways of “bussing” people and take advantage lax voter laws and enforcement, and plenty of money from Democratic donors.

“They could invalidate … well, okay, let’s just say in theory if a major investigation came up, of major voter fraud that way, how would they prove it?” Foval discussed in the video. “And who would they charge? Are they going to charge each individual of voter fraud? Or are they going to go after the facilitator for conspiracy which they could prove? It’s one thing if all these people drive up in their personal cars. If there’s a bus involved, that changes the dynamic. It’s the legality, because you can prove conspiracy if there’s a bus. If there are cars, it’s much harder to prove.”

*Mney is the key, combined with “shells” to deceive authorities, according to Foval.

“If there’s enough money, you have people drive their POVs (personally owned vehicles), or you have them drive rentals,” Foval stated. “Well, you can’t have them with Wisconsin license plates, because rentals here … most of them don’t have Wisconsin license plates. But, there’s this thin called Used Car Auction. Used Car Auction, the titles belong to some unknown company, their company cars. So you use shells. Use shell companies. Cars come from one company, the paychecks come from another. There’s no bus involved, so you can’t prove that it’s en masse, so it doesn’t tip people off.”

Anytime Foval devises sketchy operations, he works his plan backward to dodge any potential prosecution.

“When I do this I think as an investigator first,” Foval stated. “I think backwards from how they would prosecute if they could, and then try to build out the method to avoid that.”

PVA pressed the shell company issue.

“If the car has a Wisconsin license plate and it’s owned by a third party, then it’s much harder to prove that these people drove in from out of state,” Foval stated. “There’s no bus involved so you can’t prove conspiracy.”

The PVA journalist brainstormed with Foval on getting addresses for the fake voters where door-to-door canvassers simply log addresses in a neighborhood.

“Just put a mark on it,” Foval stated. “And say, this address … we have moved, but moves could mean someone else moved in. And then take that data, and flip it out, and you give it to people, and you have people go vote in it. That’s brilliant. I love it.”

The PVA journalist said the canvassers don’t have to know what they’re doing, and Foval agreed.

 “No, in fact, you don’t want to them know,” Foval stated. “The question is whether, when you get caught by a reporter, does that matter? Because does it turn into an investigation or not? In this case, in this state (Wisconsin), the answer is ‘no,’ because they don’t have the power to do anything.”

PVA asked Foval if this is a method to hold off until after the general election, now underway.

“I think you could do it for the general (election),” Foval stated. “You have to do it in multiple states. So, what you do is you implement the plan on a much bigger scale. You implement a massive change in state legislatures AND in Congress. So you aim higher for your goals, and you implement it across every Republican-held state.”

Foval said he would target nearby states, susceptible targets for a voter fraud scheme.

 “So, starting on the grassroots … honestly, the ripest environment to do it in? Two, within striking distance, Michigan, Indiana,” Foval continued. “(These states have) the least restrictive donation caps and campaign finance laws and investigative arms, and any of that. Like, they have weakened it so bad in these three states (including Wisconsin) … you could fuck your mother in front of the governor and not go to jail. If you had enough money to go like this.”

Foval then boasted in the video about knowing the guy who makes things like this happen.

“So, Bob Creamer comes up with a lot of these ideas. I work with Bob Creamer one-to-one all the time. I’m the white hat, Democracy Partners is kind of the dark hat. I will probably end up being a partner there at some point, because our philosophy is actually the same.”

“Bob Creamer is diabolical and I love him for it. I have learned so much from that man over the last 20 years, I can’t even tell you. And he calls me to be his firefighter a lot of the times, because there are people who in our movement will not do what it takes to get shit done. I’m not that person. I’m the one they send when everything has gone to shit.”

PVA followed up conversations with Foval by asking Creamer what could be done to make someone a citizen so that person could vote, albeit illegally. The journalist described a scenario where all is needed is some sort of ID, and a pay stub that shows a person is getting paid at a local address. Is it that simple to get registered, PVA asked.

PVA suggested an employer could hire Hispanic day laborers from a nearby state and provide a false address for them. This could be used to register huge numbers of people, PVA suggested to Creamer.

“Let me see if I can chat with the people who are most involved in Hispanic voter registration,” Creamer stated. “I can see what their thoughts are. I mean there are a couple of different organizations that’s their trick. We’ll help you do this. I mean, this is very important, this stuff. Turnout is huge, huge, huge.“

Creamer balked during a second meeting with the PVA journalist, fearing “someone would decide that this was a big voter fraud scheme,” but later offered through Foval a contact willing to help.

Foval told PVA, according to the video, about a man in New York who works with Creamer often. PVA wanted to find out if this contact could pull off the voter fraud.

PVA met with the contact and described the voter fraud idea. The contact was Cesar Vargas, co-founder of Dream Action Coalition and a New York lawyer who was born in Mexico and is an undocumented alien, according to PVA.

Vargas pondered the possibility of making something “special” happen during 2018 mid-term elections.

“This is not going to happen this election,” Vargas said. “So, I think it’s about, for us, let’s see who the next president is. If it’s Donald Trump, it even makes more sense. The issue will be more credible and much more opportunity for us to jump into this. If it’s Secretary Clinton, and the voting ID laws are loosening and we have much more opportunity for people to vote, and we have immigration reform, it’s not going to be as significant, right?.”

PVA asked if Vargas was the one to make it happen based on those conditions.

“Yeah, absolutely. Count me in,” Vargas stated. “As an activist, do we want to do this? Do we want to take the chance? Let’s talk about it.”

Voters are the key to winning any election, and the video continued with Foval discussing how to get Democratic voters in line with party goals.

“We have to do a better job of making our people (voters) do what they’re supposed to do,” Foval stated. “Not asking them. Making them. Not expecting them and taking them for granted, but beating the shit out of them and then making them do it.”

O’Keefe said the series of videos will continue until the Nov. 8 election.

“People ask me, ‘James, what can I do?’ Here’s what you can do. Send this video to every single person you know. Demand the mainstream media play these tapes. Email the journalists. Tweet at the journalists. And, remember, the truth is dangerous, especially when it challenges those in power.”

People followed O’Keefe’s lead, and journalists began airing the videos and discussing the issues by Tuesday evening.

With more to come in the investigative series, mainstream media can’t look away.

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