BOOM – GOP Columnist Drops Truth Bomb About Trump’s Cabinet…Liberals Are FURIOUS!

President-elect Donald Trump has named most of his nominees for his cabinet. It is not your typical group of advisers and leaders, not your typical crew of Washington insiders who “know how to get things done” in Washington.

Instead, Trump’s cabinet is full of people who have already gotten things done in the private sector. And that has resulted in a significant amount of criticism from the left.

Columnist Ed Rogers asserted that Trump’s cabinet, which includes business executives and leaders from the private sector, “may be the most successful group of people brought together to serve a common purpose in Washington in at least the last 50 years,”

Trump has also announced several key appointments and advisory roles that business leaders will undertake in the Trump administration. The announcement on Wednesday of billionaire investor Carl Icahn as a volunteer and special adviser has sent the left over the edge. Democratic National Committee spokesman Eric Walker called Icahn’s role “corrupt.”

Rogers pointed out the hypocrisy of Walker’s statements. Icahn is volunteering his time to advise the President-elect, and that is corrupt. But Obama’s President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, which included several high-ranking business leaders from General Electric, Boeing and AOL, was not.

If they were able to advise Obama on ‘ways to create jobs, opportunity, and prosperity for the American people,’ without being corrupt, then why is that that a guy like Icahn can’t help Trump identify ways that regulations may hinder economic growth?

Rogers concluded by praising both Trump and Icahn for their actions.

We should be grateful that people like Icahn are willing to participate and give the president-elect advice. And good for Trump for recognizing that involving accomplished business leaders will be beneficial to the economy. This move further reinforces that business is back.”

“We should want the most successful people we have to feel welcome to chip in, and dare I say, work to make America great again.”


Source: The Washington Post


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