BOOM: After The Trump Tape Comes Out, Ben Carson Drops A MAJOR Truth Bomb!

The mainstream media have clearly jumped on the issue of Donald Trump’s hot-mike tape released by NBC late last week. This as they practically ignore the WikiLeaks emails and the multiple backdoor dealings between the media, the Clinton campaign, the White House, the Justice Department, and the State Department. They were called on this by Dr. Ben Carson during a CNN appearance.

“You can talk about [the video] until you’re blue in the face…It is not helping the electorate understand what the policies of the Republicans and the Democrats are, what their platforms are and which direction they want the country to go in. Right now, that is a critical issue, and it needs to be dealt with,” Carson said.

Carson’s comments clearly indicate that he believes CNN is focusing on a Trump scandal rather than the real issues that voters should be hearing about.

The retired neurosurgeon later implied that CNN and other mainstream media outlets are immature in their handling of the tapes.

“Anything that detracts from you being able to put that information out there and I’m hoping that – that your industry, the news industry, will actually become very mature and say, look, we’re just not going to deal with all of these peripheral issues,” Carson added.

Watch the segment here:

Carson is right. No one is out there supporting what Donald Trump said all those years ago. No one is saying that he was write to say those things. But what’s really the most important issue here. Is it what someone said 11 years ago? Or is it a pattern of corruption that has been conducted behind the scenes for decades and is now being brought into the light? Or is it the real issues and challenges that everyday Americans face and worry about? While we should be focusing on the latter, it’s clear that the mainstream media prefer to play school-yard politics.

h/t: The Daily Caller




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