Another Governor SLAMS Obamacare, Except Who It Is Will Leave Obama FURIOUS!

Remember when we were told that our rates would decrease with Obamacare? Remember when we were told we could keep our own doctors? Remember when we were clearly lied to about those things?

Well it seems like some on the Democratic side of the aisle are finally realizing what many of us have known all along. Obamacare is harmful to America.

Democratic governor of Minnesota Mark Dayton said Wednesday that Obamacare is “no longer affordable to increasing numbers of people,” Politico reported.

Citizens of his state are facing more rate hikes and fewer choices in their Obamacare marketplace. Dayton said he recognizes that the law “has many good features” as well as “some serious blemishes and serious deficiencies.”

Louder with Crowder summed it up well:

[Democrats] know the ACA is failing, but they still like the idea of universal healthcare. The worst part? They then go on to blame ObamaCare’s shortcomings on Republicans… Because reasons.

They seem to be beginning to recognize that Obamacare isn’t working, but they don’t understand why. They consistently blame Republicans for the law that they shoved through Congress.

“The governor wants to make it clear that the Republicans in Congress are to blame for their unwillingness to make improvements necessary to make the Affordable Care Act more successful,” Dayton spokesman Sam Fettig said.

No one is claiming that everything included in Obamacare is bad. And clearly no one is saying it’s all fine and dandy. But Republicans haven’t been calling for a return to pre-Obamacare health care. We all realized then and still do now that the health care system wasn’t working for all Americans. That’s why there have been so many calls to repeal and replace Obamacare rather than simply repealing it. We need high quality health care that people can access and afford. Obamacare doesn’t do that. The Democrats already tried writing a 2,000 page law and shoving down our throats so we could read it later. Now it’s time for a more thoughtful approach.





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