‘Angel Mom’ OBLITERATES Illegal Immigrant…He DIDN’T See This Coming!

President Donald Trump ran his campaign on a platform of America first. America first in trade. America first in immigration. America first on national security. He vowed to secure our borders and to fight Islamic extremism. That stance led many on the left to call him anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and anti-minority.

Trump continually countered arguing that he supports all people but that he recognized a need to make America’s security the top priority.

In the first days of his presidency, Trump is taking assertive measures to fulfill those campaign promises. Fox News reported that President Trump “signed two executive actions on Wednesday that cover a range of immigration enforcement measures, including calls for constructing a US-Mexico border wall and targeting sanctuary cities.”

“Angel Mom” Laura Wilkerson had a son was killed by an illegal immigrant and said she’s relieved to see Trump acting swiftly on his campaign promises related to immigration law. Immigration advocate Jose Antonio Vargas, appearing on Fox News show “The First 100 Days” Wednesday “argued that the vast majority of illegal immigrants are not criminals, but merely people who are trying to live the American Dream.”

Vargas said that Wednesday was a “tough day” for him as he watched President Trump take aim at illegal immigrants.

I don’t know if you understand what a ‘tough day’ is in the life of a child at the hands of an illegal in this country,” Wilkerson shot back. “You’re legal or illegal. It’s one way or the other. There’s no ‘gray’ area.” She argued that the process for becoming a legal American citizen must be enforced.

Watch the segment here (starting at the 11:00 mark):


Source: Fox News

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