ALERT: After WikiLeaks EXPOSES Hillary … Tragedy STRIKES Their Founder!

Social media was all abuzz about the death of a man instrumental in developing WikiLeaks.

He died, according to reports, following a short illness and the founder of WikiLeaks announced the news to all the world on Saturday.

Immediately suspicions emerged that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange died and fears were quelled quickly on Twitter.

As reported on the website Allen B. West:

Let’s get this out of the way immediately – no, not Julian Assange. He appears to be (for the moment) alive and well in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and still able to send messages despite having his internet service being cut off.

Yesterday he posted this, apparently from his own account.

MacFadyen was a key figure in breaking the journalism mold and the hold of mainstream media on the release of news and information.

WikiLeaks Director Gavin MacFadyen, the 76-year-old Wikileaks diirector and founder of the Centre for Investigative Journalism has died.

WikiLeaks also posted a statement from MacFadyen’s wife, Susan Benn on Twitter.

MacFadyen was regarded as a tough advocate for the downtrodden:

The Inquisitr reports, The statement was published on MacFadyen’s Centre for Investigative Journalism and noted that the late husband was a “fierce defender of justice and human rights around the world.” Susan notes that Gavin was a strong force behind the changing journalism landscape and that he was committed to ethical yet hard-hitting reporting.

MacFadyen’s death follows other such champions who have died, and rumors of foul play once again surfaced.

Of course the looming question over all this is, was foul play involved? After all, there are already a few questionable deaths that have sprung up a cottage industry of conspiracy theories including Justice Antonin Scalia, Andrew Breitbart, DNC staffer Seth Rich who may have known a thing or two about voter registration. We’ll let you decide what they all have in common.

Regarding MacFayden, The cause of death has not been released. However, in the original post from wife Susan, the statement indicated he passed away from “a short illness.” The line about the “short illness” was removed and no further word has been given on his exact cause of death. However, postings indicate he may have been ill in the days leading up to his death.


Let us hope this is simply a sad passing of dedicated man, and nothing more.

Anything could happen to cause someone’s death, and all should remember the fight Macfadyen carried to the media and political leaders on behalf of all people. His efforts should be recognized as goals for all to pursue – truth and help for others.

He takes his fight to the next level, and leaves others to continue on here.

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