Another Hillary Health Scare EXPOSED … Democrats Are FEARING For November!

The top aide to the Democratic presidential nominee has been concerned for years about the nominee’s health, and her concerns are revealed in communications between staffers.

Questions regarding health have swirled around Hillary Clinton for years. She’s fallen and needed help getting up and was off the campaign trail for days due to an illness.

Now it’s revealed her closest aide has questioned Clinton’s health, and warned others.

As reported in Zero Hedge:

In light of all the recent concerns about Hillary’s health, perhaps Huma Abedin and John Podesta can explain exactly what they meant by the following two emails:

First, Huma:



And this from Podesta:



Read more health concerns here from The Conservative Republic.

Clinton’s health issues, including fainting to the point Secret Service agents had to help her, are enough to question her credibility as a presidential candidate. She’s too frail physically to withstand the rigors of the office.

Combine that with all the revealed lies and corruption committed by her and the Democrats nationally, she should be barred from the election. And, then, prosecuted.

No other presidential candidate has been exposed as failing on all fronts – health and character – like Clinton and been allowed, even propped up, by media and the public to continue toward the election.

Clinton should do the country and step down, before her impending fall is catastrophic to the country.

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