After Protesters CRY For $15 Minimum Wage…Company Responds In Most EPIC Way Possible!

One of the primary messages of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., centered around the unfairness of corporate America.

Sanders consistently blasted companies for making money and not paying what he called “fair wages” to all their employees. Sanders, among others, has called to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Now one company is fighting back.

McDonald’s has become the face of liberal elites and media as they attempt to show how evil corporations are. They look at McDonald’s and their employees and blast the discrepancy between how much individual workers make compared to those at the corporate office.

A new McDonald’s spot entitled “America’s Best First Job” has been released as they fight back against their critics. The ad shows a young man entering the McDonald’s where he works. In his hand is his acceptance letter to college. It highlights the McDonald’s tuition assistance program.

The tag line, “America’s Best First Job,” emphasizes that working at a neighborhood McDonald’s is not intended to be a career. It is intended to be a first job, a starting point, and the first step in a longer road toward a career.

McDonald’s seems to get that minimum wage jobs require minimum skills. They are not intended to be careers that will support a family.

Conservative pundit Steven Crowder noted that Democratic politicians and biased media act “like the fate of the free world rests on the round shoulders of the wage hike movement. Meanwhile, the rest of us? We look back on our crappy first jobs fondly…Because the suckness of minimum wage inspires one to improve and better oneself.”

Watch it here:

h/t: Louder with Crowder


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