WHOA: New Poll Numbers Have Donald Trump SMILING … And Hillary WORRIED!

Remember when all the Never Trumpers claimed that Donald Trump had a ceiling and therefore couldn’t win the Republican presidential nomination?

History showed that he went on the win the nomination (and despite all that brokered convention hype) and now seems to be doing well in Florida despite unrelenting negative media attacks from Megyn Kelly and her like-minded counterparts in many other media precincts who also gleefully cite Clinton-friendly polling data.

From CNN:

A new Bloomberg Politics poll finds Trump ahead of Clinton, 45% to 43% — well within the poll’s 3.2 percentage point margin of error — in a four-way race among likely voters. Libertarian Gary Johnson gets 4% support, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein draws 2%. For perspective, President Barack Obama won the state’s 29 electoral votes in 2012 by less than a percentage point.  That’s a significant shift from Florida polling earlier this month, which regularly showed Clinton in the lead.

“‘This race may come down to the independent vote,’ said pollster J. Ann Selzer, who oversaw the survey. ‘Right now, they tilt for Trump,'” Bloomberg Politics added.

According to a detailed analysis by The Conservative Treehouse, based on early voting, Trump could carry Florida by ten points. Trump also gets a huge turnout at his Florida rallies, while Clinton/Kaine basically draws flies, assuming that is a precursor to the actual vote.

“We expect that Trump will continue hammering on the message of Obamacare, and specifically its repeal, as a key factor in turning opinion his way with promises of repealing the broadly unpopular tax,” Zero Hedge noted about the apparent momentum swing in the New York real estate mogul’s direction as reflected in the Bloomberg data.

Watch Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway comment on the Bloomberg Poll and push back against typically biased questions from the Today Show hosts:

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