BREAKING: Yet Another HUGE Company Keeping Jobs In US…Trump Keeps WINNING!

Government regulations that curb manufacturing in the United States face an untimely end under the next presidential administration.

President-elect Donald Trump’s goals to end the stranglehold of regulations has sparked optimism in companies and employees throughout the nation.

One of the largest manufacturers in the world believes the end of regulatory tyranny could bring back thousands of jobs in his company alone.

US Steel CEO Mario Longhi acknowledged Wednesday on international television that manufacturing challenges exist exclusively in the US thanks to oppressive regulations created by President Obama.

Longhi is willing to bring as many as 10,000 jobs back to the US because of the prosperity possibilities from the incoming Trump administration. Jobs were lost to layoffs and downsizing during the Obama administration, with many jobs going overseas.

I’d be more than happy to bring back the employees we were forced to lay off during that depressive period.

Europe and other countries have not established the same set of confining rules for manufacturing companies that American workers and business owners face.

Longhi believes there is a better way than US regulations choking businesses to death.

Regulation has to be done smartly. There was a point in time the last couple of years where I was having to hire more lawyers to try to interpret these new regulations than I was hiring engineers. That doesn’t make any sense.

There’s been little confidence among US companies about their ability to compete in a global economy because of burdensome air pollution and water standards. Longhi mentions the example of having to treat the water his company uses so that it is more pure than what’s found in nature.

That’s irrational.

Watch the video here:

American regulations kill companies and equalize the global playing field. Think of it as socialized industry – on a global scale. No matter how well America performs, work will be burdened so that others can move ahead.

Trump isn’t even in office and the US stock market is surging while US companies have turned from pessimists to optimists about their future.

Trump’s energy and influence in business and the economy is an infectious movement that US companies and workers can rally behind. Trump has the nation moving forward again.

h/t: The Truth Division

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