YES! Kellyanne Receives AMAZING NEWS…Right In Time For Christmas!

The first female campaign manager in history to propel her candidate into the White House isn’t getting any love from mainstream media.

It’s not fair based on the media’s claim it actively promotes diversity and celebrates the accomplishments of women. But not if you’re a Republican woman.

Kellyanne Conway vaulted President-elect Donald Trump to victory in an historical upset Election Day. The national spotlight may have missed her, but Conway secured her own accolades in her home state and the White House.

Conway returned to her native New Jersey to serve as grand marshal for a Dec. 10 Christmas parade in Hammonton, where Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the November election.

She also received a key to the city. She’s just that kind of small town person.

Conway was raised in Atco, where she graduated from St. Joseph’s High School in Hammonton in 1985. She spent her summers working at Indian Brand Blueberry Farms before leaving for college in Washington, D.C.

Conway guided Trump’s election success to shock the world.

Shouldn’t the media be making a big deal about this? You can bet that if she had managed a Democratic campaign they would be.

This woman worked tirelessly to ensure that we didn’t get stuck with Hillary in the White House, and for that, we thank her. She has four children who she undoubtedly cannot wait to spend some much-needed time with, and who will definitely enjoy seeing their mother honored in this very special way.

Conway even turned down the coveted position of White House Press Secretary for the Trump administration, choosing instead to focus on her family.

Conway spoke on Fox News Thursday about how she will serve as counselor to the president. She will be the senior most female serving in the White House.

“It’s an honor, and frankly humbling, the gravity and the responsibility of the job,” Conway said. “I feel very secure and very confident that President Trump’s White House, and indeed his West Wing, will be a family-friendly place. I’m happy to serve him in this capacity.”

Watch Conway here:

Mainstream media and liberals don’t care about the success of women or minorities unless they are on the left side of reality.

Leftists have proven time and time again this election year they will ignore or even demonize any opposition – even women.

Trump, often criticized for his attitude toward women, continues to promote women with senior positions in his administration and defy the critics.

Source: I Have The Truth

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