WOW – NBC Reporter Furthers MISLEADING Argument…This Is EMBARRASSING!

A journalist called out for lying along the presidential campaign trail is again spreading false information to undermine the next president.

This pattern of attack was in high-gear before the electoral college met Monday to vote for President-elect Donald Trump. It’s a news environment that has Americans furious about the media instead of celebrating for a new era in American politics.

It’s a violent pattern of so-called “journalism” that has erupted following Trump’s historic win. The propagandist journalism crowd is working in tandem to delegitimize Trump with as much false information as they can spread.

Newsbusters brought to light the hateful character of the reporter Trump accused of lying during the campaign.

Ian Schwartz at Real Clear Politics underlined why Donald Trump correctly felt NBC reporter Katy Tur was hostile to him on the campaign trail. On Thursday afternoon on MSNBC, Tur and MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts argued by defending himself against anonymous claims hiding behind the term “intelligence community” that Russian hacking “swayed the election” in his favor, Trump was putting Russian strongman Vladimir Putin “before the American public.”

Journalists would never exercise such arguments against the current president or any Democrat who might have been elected. But with Trump, they believe the can attack anything without regard to truth or fact.

Tur made it clear how she’s painting her false narrative:

He’s putting Donald Trump first before America first and Donald Trump is somebody that would be potentially a negative — affected negatively if this turns out to be true and if the public entirely believes if this is true.

And in the other sense, yes, he is putting Putin before the American public, siding with them, saying absolutely, they had nothing to do with it, there is no evidence. You cannot prove it unless you find somebody in the middle of hacking.

He’s not siding with the U.S. intelligence community. He’s going at them, he’s criticizing them. He’s saying these are the same people that decided that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. So he’s already trying to undermine their authority and their credibility.

Watch here:

Liberal media members fire up all these hit-jobs against Trump to boost their own credibility. They leverage this false credibility as some sort of authority to dictate to the American public what they should think.

Americans aren’t buying this nonsense anymore. Using anonymous sources within a secretive US government law enforcement agency doesn’t qualify as fact or truth.

Americans can easily sniff out this pattern of lying media and are demanding honesty.

Source: Newsbusters

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