WHOA – Trump Supporter Is Getting Harassed…The Reason Why Is STUNNING!

Radical liberals continue to hunt down conservatives and harass them for expressing their values and beliefs.

A recent encounter pitted a President-elect Donald Trump supporter against two vulgar, cursing liberals attacking him for wearing a themed T-shirt.

The man was lounging in his apartment building common area when the threatening liberals verbally accosted him and wouldn’t leave him alone. The man made sure the liberals were exposed on social media.

Nathan Morton posted a video on YouTube in early December which he says was shot in the common area of his apartment building in California, according to The Daily Mail.

“Backstory: the neighbors above me agitate constantly so i (sic) hang out in the clubhouse to get work done,” he wrote in connection with the video.

“This is a particularly clear example of the kind of nonsense hostility I deal with on a regular basis,” Morton wrote. “I’m wearing a #buildthewall print T-shirt. MAGA.”

Watch the video here:

A man and woman are shown in the video interrupting Morton. The woman, who says she is Mexican, asks if he’s a “racist” because of his T-shirt as she films video of him and makes vulgar comments.

“This is what racism looks like,” the woman is heard saying as she films Morton. “I wonder when was the last time he got laid. That’s the problem … he’s never gotten laid in his life.”

Morton asks if he can film them, and the man curses him.

“Film it, go for it,” the man says. “You’re the f***ing d**khead wearing a hashtag build the wall shirt.”

The man curses at Morton several times.

“Don’t wear s*** like that around here,” the man says.

Social media responded with support for Morton, who regularly posts videos and comments about confrontations with liberals.

“You have the patience of a saint. In Arizona the right to carry state. I’m pretty sure she would of been shot,” Warren Canady wrote.

“Texas has your back, brother. Maybe we can convince those two to come here and play that game with someone. I’d love to see the ‘education’ that would follow,” Gary Watts added.

Morton’s video garnered about 500,00 views and exposes a serious problem with liberals.

Since the early days of the presidential election, leftists have done everything they can to instigate violence during confrontations with Trump supporters.

The liberal lies of tolerance, unity and acceptance are being played out regularly by violence-prone radical liberals looking to settle a score.

In parts of the country, away from the East and West Coast havens for liberals, the left should be glad it doesn’t get what it’s asking for.

Source: The Daily Mail

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