WHOA – Rudy Giuliani Drops A Terrorism BOMBSHELL…Americans Are Worried!

Rudy Giuliani may have taken himself out of the running for a cabinet position in the Trump administration, but that does not mean he is leaving the public arena.

The former New York City mayor cannot wait for Donald Trump to take office and start doing things differently than his predecessor.

Giuliani appeared on Fox News’ Hannity and spoke openly about the impact of terrorism.

The mayor began his comments noting that the San Bernardino terrorist attack occurred one year ago. Since that time, he asserts, we have seen more terrorist attacks throughout the world any time since 9/11.

We haven’t faced up to the fact that [the terrorists] are at war against us,” he said. “If they’re at war against us and we’re not at war against them, then they’re winning.”

They’re playing by war rules and the Obama administration has us playing by criminal justice rules,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani discussed the lack of attention that some in Europe and NATO have paid the necessary attention to terrorists in their own countries or the fight on terrorism. He reminded viewers of Trump’s campaign assertions that other NATO members need to do more in the fight against terrorism.

Asked what German Chancellor Angela Merkel did wrong, Giuliani responded that she should not have “let large numbers of people in from a part of the world where there’s a tremendous amount of terrorism. It’s common sense.

Terrorists have boldly announced that they would attack, and they have even said that they would do it under the guise of refugees. So to allow so many refugees in from these countries is in Giuliani’s words “stupid.” The burden, he argued, should be on the refugee to prove he or she is safe rather than on an accepting country to prove they are not.

Giuliani pointed out that our Constitution does not give refugees the right to enter the US. It is a privilege and “we have a right to condition that privilege” on the refugee proving he or she is not a threat to our country.

Trump will have to make some decisions soon about what the rules of engagement are for terrorists who may already be in the US. Will they be treated as enemies and treated as such or will they be arrested and treated like any other criminal?

Source: Fox News


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