WHOA – NBC Points Finger In Wrong Direction On Huge Story…This Is Embarrassing!

Radical leftist journalists are digging up anything they can to make excuses for the failures of Democrats and liberalism.

Hillary Clinton didn’t really lose to President-elect Donald Trump, they say.

She lost because the media preferred Trump, the electoral college that worked for hundreds of years isn’t fair, the FBI sabotaged the election, and the latest round of Russians attacked and influenced the votes of millions of Americans.

It’s never Clinton’s fault, despite her decades of lies and corruption across the globe. Couldn’t be her, they say, because she’s above reproach as a liberal.

The blame game has now taken on a new target, a shameful attack on one of the most honorable segments of American society.

In light of the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida where former National Guardsman Esteban Santiago has been charged, WNBC in New York created a timeline attacking veterans that is disgusting and shameless beyond anything looney liberals have done.

Let’s get the obvious point out of the way: no, NBC New York has never made a timeline listing every mass shooting carried out by those who follow a certain ideology. When people of those ideology commit those shootings, we are buffeted with assurances that is is wrong and immoral to stigmatize millions based on the actions of a few. That courtesy evidently does not extend to our men and women in uniform.

The list itself is a bit odd, since there’s a 14-year gap between 1996 and 2010 where not a single veteran or serviceman carried out a mass-shooting. Now, usually, that’s a pretty good indication that your trend is nonexistent. But NBC dug up three shootings from two decades ago, and if you’re going to smear America’s veterans, why not go the full mile?

The lackey journalists of WNBC failed to include in their timeline key details about all the shootings.

The implication that military service somehow causes mass shootings is even worse considering most of the veterans listed had known motivations entirely devoid of their military background. Micah Johnson was a black militant who believed in race war, Wade Michael Page was a white supremacist who wanted the same. Nidal Hassan… hmm, the timeline forgot to list his motive. Guess it was workplace violence.

NBC tried to run its anti-American bias believing they wouldn’t be called out. Social media smashed the liberal bias in the teeth:

Mainstream media believes it can still produce biased news information whenever it wants with no public responsibility.

Trump has proven the media can be held accountable in real time, and has emboldened Americans to stand against the liberal bias trying to control the country.

Veterans deserve more than the lies of the left, and the more than 20 million of them know how to fight against an enemy of the country. Mainstream media should have kicked sand at any group of people other than veterans.

Veterans won’t stop fighting back.

Source: Mediaite

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