Look What Happens When TEXANS Try To Vote Trump! … This Is MADDENING!

Early voting turnout in Texas has seen record numbers, and now many of those votes will be questioned following reports that election machines at polling sites are switching votes to Democrats.

Democrats have had dirty campaign supporters on the ground throughout the states in an effort to swing the election. Multiple Republican voters are posting messages through social media that their votes were changed by the machines at polling places, and they had to fight to get their vote counted properly.

Republican Donald Trump has been ridiculed by liberal mainstream media and leftist Democrats for his claims the election is “rigged.” Now his prediction, like so many before during this election cycle, appears valid.

As reported in Yes I’m Right:

It’s happening. Voting machines are being reported as switching Trump votes to Hillary votes in early voting. We warned you about this, as did Trump, and it’s happening in Texas…a state that Trump has to win to get elected.

Here’s how one voter caught her vote being changed:

The voting deception wasn’t isolated to one polling site. Another voter caught the same switch happening.

Texas officials must immediately check these polling sites to determine if more votes were switched by the machines.

Whoever is responsible must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and any votes that were switched must be recast properly before Election Day November 8.

Voting in Texas is too important to the presidential election to let even one vote be fraudulently cast.

Trump was right, and the dirty Democrats started as fast as they could to fix the election by attacking early votes.

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