Trump Supporter Scott Baio SPEAKS OUT After Attack…His Message Is PERFECT!

It is no secret that Hollywood leans far to the left. Just this week, for example, we saw a slew of television and movie actors practically begging electors across the country to “vote their conscience” and not vote for President-elect Donald Trump during Monday’s Electoral College vote.

Thankfully, most did not listen and the system of government that we have had for more than 200 years is still intact. But some liberals and anti-Trumpers just will not let it go.

Actor Scott Baio recently asserted that he was assaulted by Nancy Mack, the wife of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. Baio’s offense: He supported Trump.

The Los Angeles Times reported that matters went far enough for Baio to file a police report and the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.

Baio appeared on Fox News with Judge Jeanine Pirro Saturday where he spoke about the incident and his views on the election fallout.

We won the election. I didn’t say ‘boo’ in ’08 or ’12, but we won the election,” Baio said. “And to quote the great President Barack Obama, ‘elections have consequences.’”

We won. You lost. Grow the blank up. Move on with your life,” he added. “He’s the president-elect and he’ll be president on January 20th. Grow up. Be a man, be a woman — it’s over. Stop this madness, with all of your antics of Russia and whatever other silly goofball arguments you want to come up with.”

Watch the segment here:

It is outrageous that an industry that loves to preach tolerance and free thinking refuses to consider that millions of Americans voted for Trump because of reasons other than hate. And it is hypocritical for those same people to now be attacking others for having different ideas. The Blaze reported that several of those actors vowed to leave the country if Trump were to win, but “no celebrity has yet made good on their promise to leave.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

Source: The Blaze

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