Trump Makes PERFECT Court Pick…What He’s Doing Now Has Conservatives CHEERING!

Liberals padded the courts with left-leaning judges for years to undermine everything constitutional.

Leftists would rather rewrite the Constitution through opinions of judges outside the mainstream of American history and oppress the American people.

President Donald Trump slammed the brakes on the liberal reign in the courts with his recent nomination for Supreme Court justice. His selection has liberals screaming at the top of their lungs and vowing unending defiance to never allow his pick to take a seat on the highest bench.

Trump believes his selection will be confirmed by Congress, and isn’t slowing down as he is already eyeing a second appointment to the court during his first term. From The Federalist Papers:

The president has made his selection to for the Supreme Court seat vacated when Antonin Scalia passed away and he’s counting on Republicans in the senate to get it through no matter what.

With that behind him, Trump has done what he said: appoint a conservative judge in the mold of Scalia.

Judge Neil Gorsuch (Facebook)

Now, they’re looking at a second Supreme Court vacancy. And it might be Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Gorsuch clerked for Kennedy and admires him greatly. There are rumors that when Gorsuch takes the bench, the 80-year-old Kennedy might retire, The National Review is reporting.

Trump may have already planned all this which will send liberal lawmakers into utter hysteria.

The New York Times goes so far as to suggest that Trump’s selection of Gorsuch is a signal to “show Kennedy that should he step down at some point, Trump would select as his replacement a nominee similar to Judge Gorsuch and not one so inflammatory or outside the mainstream as to be unacceptable to Justice Kennedy.”

If Trump can replace the wishy-washy Kennedy, the Supreme Court will change for decades.

Kennedy is a conservative, but he has often been the deciding vote in a four-four tie in the Supreme Court. Having someone even remotely more conservative replace Kennedy would secure a 5-4 conservative split on the court for decades to come.

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy

While liberals cry about Trump’s “compulsive” actions, there’s more reason for him to plan now for possible Supreme Court nominations. It keeps him two steps ahead of whining liberal lawmakers.

The consensus seems to be that if Justice Kennedy retires, Trump might likely look to a woman to take the seat.

“A vacancy created by Kennedy would be fraught with symbolism that the Court could really move in a more conservative direction,” one Supreme Court aide said. “Democrats will be under enormous pressure from their base to fight the Trump nominee to the death. A highly-qualified woman with a compelling life story would help.”

Democrats may think their rallying their base by fighting Trump’s appointments when they are really setting themselves up as the bitter losers with no plan to get things done for the American people.

Trump knows more about negotiating deals than any lawmaker, and he’s showing how he can stay ahead of the opposition for years.

He has a plan, and Democrats have no clue.

Source: The Federalist Papers

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