Trump Just Announced His Priorities On Day One…America Is CHEERING!

After almost a decade of anti-business regulations assaulting American capitalism the tide will turn against government interference.

White House attacks against businesses grew at an unprecedented rate under the current administration. Businesses had to cut jobs to remain profitable in a stifling world of regulations or held off expansion that would create new jobs.

Businesses and markets are more optimistic with prospects proposed by the incoming president. He plans to remove the suffocating effects of government regulations.

From The Hill:

President-elect Donald Trump is setting out to gut the Obama administration’s regulations, starting with a mandate that would slowly chip away at the number of rules on the books.

In a video message mapping out his first 100 days, Trump said he would issue an executive order stating that for every new rule issued, two must be eliminated.

The president-elect has decried regulations he says have hurt businesses and the economy, particularly those aimed at the environment. Republicans in Congress are eager to help him roll back many of President Barack Obama’s regulations.

“One of the keys to unlocking growth is scaling back years of disastrous regulations unilaterally imposed by out-of-control bureaucrats,” Trump said during a September speech at the Economic Club of New York.

Regulations have grown into a massive, job-killing industry – and the regulation industry is one business I will absolutely put to an end on day one.

Trump will meet resistance in his efforts as liberals, of course, decry his plans and pledge to work against him.

“The idea that for any given regulation we’d remove another or two is arbitrary,” said Lisa Gilbert, director of Public Citizen’s Congress Watch Division. “I’ve never argued that every rule on the books is perfect and doesn’t need an update, but I don’t think we need a strictly limiting process.”

In addition to the two-for-one rule, Trump has also promised to specifically dismantle ObamaCare, the Dodd-Frank financial reform regulations, and several major environmental regulations, including Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

No president gets an easy ride going into office. Trump has faced more opposition to his plans for America than any president in history.

Good news is he has a plan, is committed to that plan and has the negotiation skills to turn Washington on its head as he drains the swamp.

All the DC bureaucratic muckrakers should be rewriting their resumes because their days of writing oppressive regulations are numbered.

Source: The Hill

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