Trump Is Calling Out Lefty State…Conservatives Are LOVING This!

We have all heard about sanctuary cities where illegal immigrants can safely go to avoid federal immigration laws.

Politicians and law enforcement in those cities make it well known that they will not ask about anyone’s immigration status or take any initiative to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

California has a reputation among the rest of the United States as being ultra-liberal and significantly out of touch with mainstream America. So, it is no surprise that California leaders are considering declaring California a sanctuary state.

Democrats’ efforts in the Golden State to declare California a sanctuary state would “restrict state and local law enforcement, including school police and security departments, from using their resources to aid federal authorities in immigration enforcement,” McClatchyDC reported.

I think it’s ridiculous. Sanctuary cities, as you know, I’m very much opposed to sanctuary cities,” President Donald Trump told Fox News host Bill O’Reilly in a pre-Super Bowl interview. “They breed crime, there’s a lot of problems.”

If we have to, we’ll defund,” Trump said about California specifically. “We give tremendous amounts of money to California, California in many ways is out of control, as you know.”

Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Francisco, all sanctuary cities, have already vowed legal action if Trump’s administration attempts to withhold federal funds. They argue that the 10th Amendment to the Constitution prohibits Trump from defunding their cities.

Trump told O’Reilly that he does not want to limit “the money they need to properly operate,” but that “if they’re going to have sanctuary cities, we may have to do that. Certainly, that would be a weapon.”

Source: McClatchyDC


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