Trey Gowdy Just Got Some Big News…Liberals Are SHAKING In Their Boots!

A Republican congressman who doesn’t walk so softly and carries a big stick once again has Democrats shaking in their shoes.

Democrats and their liberal minions don’t like outspoken Republicans who fight farce with facts and don’t stop until the truth is revealed. They’d rather Republicans play nice while the Democrats play dirty.

Everyone is talking about how the American cybersecurity and intelligence community being under fire for leaks and failures to stop cyber attacks by foreign governments. A new member of the House Intelligence Committee has reputation for less talk and more action.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-SC, announced Friday he would start 2017 as a new member of the House Intelligence Committee. From Independent Journal Review:

“Protecting the safety and security of our fellow citizens is the preeminent function of government,” Gowdy said in a statement. “When it comes to our national security, we cannot afford to take risks.”

“The House Intelligence Committee plays a vital role in protecting Americans both at home and abroad through conducting thorough oversight of our nation’s intelligence agencies,” he continued. “I look forward to joining the House Intelligence Committee and working with Chairman Nunes and my colleagues to ensure national security remains the top priority in the 115th Congress.”

The committee, which has been in existence for 40 years, deals with classified information as it passes through and is handled by 17 different federal agencies.

Following recent debacles involving US intelligence and President-elect Donald Trump, conservatives are cheering Gowdy as a new member of the committee. They lit up social media:

Gowdy earned his “take-no-bull” reputation as a federal prosecutor, and his time chairing the House Select Committee on Benghazi only served to bolster that status.

His cross-examinations of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were bruising:

Gowdy ripped into FBI Director James Comey without blinking:

Dumb questions set Gowdy off in a way that makes liberal heads spin:

Gowdy is the fierce, no-hold-barred conservative champion needed to monitor actions by US intelligence agencies that have been politically motivated of late.

He’ll take on all comers when it comes to Democrats, radical liberals and fake news media organizations.

It’s best intelligence community leaders get with the program quickly and not try to snowball the new addition to their oversight committee.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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