Top Republican Puts Mainstream Media To SHAME…They DIDN’T See This Coming!

The mainstream media are up in arms in response to President Trump’s temporary ban on immigration from predominately Muslim countries who have been known to support terror. They are calling Trump names that are not fit to print and blasting him as hateful, un-American and racist.

This would be fine if that is what they truly believed. They have the First Amendment right to voice their opinions. But the American people are not stupid. And they do not forget as quickly as the mainstream media would like them to.

We remember only a few weeks ago when the mainstream media fawned over President Obama no matter what he did. From Twitchy:

“[F]ormer George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer posted a simple reminder of how then President Obama made a very similar move with refugees from Iraq in 2011.”

The media most certainly did not condemn President Obama for his actions despite their tears now. Politico’s Blake Hounshell tried to counter Fleischer’s comments, but it backfired.

Source: Twitchy

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