Top Democrat Vows To Repeal President’s Favorite Law…Obama Is Hating This!

Democratic lawmakers have a history of ramming laws down the throats of the people when Democrats control Congress and the president backs their every move.

For years Republicans attempted to work with Congressional leaders and the liberal president, and continued their efforts once Congress flipped to GOP control.

Tables are turned now as Republicans rule Congress and the incoming president has their backs.

Democrats are squirming, crying foul and threatening to undermine the US process of democratic rule.

They’re crying the loudest about Obamacare, the legacy policy of the lame-duck liberal president, and one Democrat has gone rogue to offer an option to work together with Republicans. From Politico:

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin said Thursday he has contacted Republican leaders offering to help bring fellow Democrats on board for fixes to Obamacare that he portrayed as “repair” of the existing system rather than the GOP-touted replacement.

Manchin has told GOP leaders that he’s “happy to sit down with you to see if we can find a pathway forward,” he told his home state’s MetroNews radio station on Thursday.

Before his election in 2010, Manchin added, Democrats passed Obamacare “with no bipartisan support. Last night, my Republican friends and colleagues, with no Democrats, voted 51 [to 48] to throw it out. To fix it, it’s going to take 60.”

Sen. Joe Manchin D-W. Va.

Manchin faces a tough road attempting to work with Republicans. He already declined to meet with fellow Democrats and the president who called a special gathering to map out a plan to fight Republicans.

“If you don’t have agreement with at least eight or 10 Democrats” on changes to Obamacare, Manchin told MetroNews, “it will be easy to try to throw it out” but “almost impossible” to replace the law.

Republicans aren’t waiting for Democrats as they started efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare. President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly said he wants Obamacare gone – repealed and replaced – as soon as possible.

Manchin added he is aligned with Trump in insisting on repeal and replacement occurring in rapid succession.

If there’s one Democrat willing to work with the president-elect and Congress to get US healthcare corrected and working for all Americans, then there must be more.

Trump should lead the way for Republican lawmakers to gather these Democrats and fashion a healthcare system fit for everyone, and get it done quickly.

Source: Politico

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