WHOA – This Man Is Being ATTACKED For Doing His Duty…Americans Are STUNNED!

Violent liberals who attacked innocent rally-goers during the presidential election have turned to death threats against electors voting for the next president.

Electoral College voters charged with selecting President-elect Donald Trump must defend themselves against violent crimes for voting for the will of the people.

It’s a twisted, violent plan by Democrats and liberals to threaten, intimidate and ultimately shred the fabric of democracy in the US. Leftists cannot accept they lost the presidential election.

Now liberals want to overturn election results through violence against electors.

So, if this elector in Michigan votes for the person their state voted for he has to fear for his life? Now more than ever we see why it’s important that we live in a REPUBLIC and not a Democracy because this would be the norm. The minority would have no voice and could in fact be threatened out of their vote.

Democrats, the true deplorables, are at the heart of this violence against the Constitution.

There you have it, the party of tolerance striking again at the will of the people.

Not going to happen. This election has proven Democrats and all leftists live by a different set of laws. It’s their law, or they try to kill you.

Whatever doesn’t fit into the leftist world’s narrative, they brand it false news.

Democrats are showing their true colors of violence and intimidation.

Strong electors are standing against the violent threats. From Fox News:

Michigan elector Michael Banerian, a Republican, has reported to police threats of putting a gun in his mouth, burning his family and photos of a hanging noose. He will vote for Trump despite the threats.

If you let these bullies win, they get what they want and they don’t deserve it.

The Electoral College elected Trump president and Mike Pence vice president Monday, despite the attacks against Banerian and others.

Liberals continue to demonstrate how much they want to harm the US. They don’t care about the law, the Constitution or being a Democratic Republic.

Liberals want all things their way. If not, they’re willing to kill by treasonous violence any who oppose them.

It they’re not careful, liberals will actually try this against the heart of America – the heart that abides by the Second Amendment.

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