This is What Obama Was Doing As The World Was Attacked…Americans Are OUTRAGED!

One of the harshest criticisms of President Obama has been the rather lax attitude toward national security and world events. Republicans and conservatives have continually noted how passive this president has been at times. Monday was no exception.

We were all shocked by the news yesterday of a terrorist attack in Berlin and the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey.

While mainstream news outlets covered both events nearly nonstop, President Obama was otherwise engaged.

The Daily Caller reported that while terrorists were driving through a busy Christmas market in Berlin and another shouted “Don’t forget Syria! Don’t forget Aleppo!” as he assassinated the Russian diplomat, President Obama asked to be updated on events while he went out for a round of golf.

This morning the President was briefed by his National Security Team on the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey in Ankara today,” a White House statement read. “The President directed his team to provide updates as warranted.”

People were killed and dozens more injured in Berlin in a terrorist attack against Christians, and the president played golf. A prominent Russian diplomat was gunned down, and the president played golf. He could have called his Russian and German counterparts to offer the condolences of our country, but he played golf.

It is well and right that the president directed his aides to keep him appraised of any further developments. But image matters as well. The image portrayed by playing golf rather than offering sympathy and support is that we simply do not care. That was most definitely the wrong message to send the world less than a week before Christmas.

Source: The Daily Caller


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