This Is Obama’s Legacy In His Home City…Chicagoans Are OUTRAGED!

Eight years of President Obama leaves behind streets of blood in Chicago where killings there have skyrocketed to war-time levels.

The president has embarked on his lie and deceive tour as he promotes his legacy of being the president of peace and champion of the environment. He has forgotten those killed under his watch in the largest city in his home state.

Obama’s selective memory that ignores almost a decade of killings in Chicago is a testament to how he is more concerned about his global image than the lives of American citizens.

The killing fields of Chicago are on par with deaths of soldiers in the most recent American war, according to Breitbart.

The Atlantic reports that 4,229 Americans died in Iraq on former President George W. Bush’s watch. That means over 4,200 Americans lost their lives in a country in the Middle East.

Back at home, while Obama has been office, nearly 4,000 Americans have died in a US city – that city is gun-controlled Chicago.

The annual breakdown of killings is astonishing.

ABC 7 reports 453 murders in Chicago in 2009 and the Chicago Tribune reports 435 for 2010. The Tribune also reports that there were 437 murders in Chicago in 2011, there were 506 in 2012, 420 in 2013, 416 in 2014, and 468 in 2015.

The number of deaths continues to rise as Obama leaves office.

As of December 27 there have been 768 murders in Chicago in 2016, but there are still a few more days for that number to rise.

In other words, there have been a total of 3,903 murders in gun-controlled Chicago from the start of 2009 through December 27, 2016, but that number could be higher before January 1, 2017 arrives, and will certainly be higher before Obama leaves office.

Chicago killings are in contrast to soldiers’ deaths at war.

To be clear, the loss of even one American service member overseas is a loss that should be marked with solemness and honor. But during the Bush years the media seemed to report the casualty numbers in a way aimed at undercutting the war effort and/or finally proving Bush had made a mistake by going to Iraq in the first place.

For example, on Oct. 19, 2006, The Washington Post reported that the previous day had witnessed the deaths of “10 American troops” across Iraq. This was “the deadliest day of combat for U.S. forces in 10 months.” But that was in a declared war zone.

Chicago, on the other hand, is a Democrat-run city in which 70 people were shot over the course of Thanksgiving weekend 2016 alone. There were eight fatalities among those 70 shooting victims. On Father’s Day weekend 2016, 56 people were shot in Chicago, 13 fatally. And over Memorial Day weekend, 66 were shot and six were killed in Chicago, and the list goes on.

People must open their eyes to the devastation and death Obama has caused in the US.

He has ignored difficult issues of violence within cities and instead championed topics where he could wield his executive pen to force compliance.

He once railed about how he would be the peacemaker and bring unity in the country.

Instead, Obama is the great deceiver and divider of our nation and leaves behind a legacy of blood in the streets.

Source: Breitbart

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