This Is Donald Trump’s Priority On Day One…Vets Everywhere Are Cheering!

Veterans for decades have fulfilled their service duty and then had to return home to fight against the United States government.

The government postpones and outright denies medical care to veterans who deserve any medical service they need. During recent years under the current commander in chief it’s become such a problem that veterans have died while waiting for medical care.

President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to change the Veterans Administration healthcare system and get veterans medical care when and where they need it.

From Hot Air:

Trump’s cabinet has only two openings left, one of which will signal just how aggressively the president-elect plans to act in fulfilling his campaign promises.

Trump promised veterans an overhaul of the Veterans Administration health-care system based on a 10-point plan, the central core of which would allow veterans the portability to seek care from private-sector providers.

Thus far Trump has not named his VA Secretary, but the New York Times reports that they’re looking at the options for what Democrats call “privatization” of the current single-payer system. From the Times:

Trump is considering a plan to allow military veterans to opt out of medical care at Veterans Affairs hospitals and instead see private doctors of their choosing, a senior transition official told reporters on Wednesday. Trump met with several executives of private hospital systems at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Trump’s proposal sticks to the goal that veterans must receive care as needed.

The final point of Trump’s plan was the crucial one: “Ensure every veteran has the choice to seek care at the VA or at a private service provider of their own choice. Under a Trump Administration, no veteran will die waiting for service.”

That promise would require a completely new structure at the VA, one built around premium supports rather than the vertical single-payer system that has been in place for decades. The current system has constantly failed veterans.

This trial balloon offers some hope that Trump plans to seriously follow through on his promise to veterans.

To achieve his VA makeover goals, Trump needs a leader to head the department. Two candidates have been mentioned in the media.

Former Senator Scott Brown would bring Trump some advantages in political connections and media savvy, but Pete Hegseth helped develop a bipartisan plan to deliver what Trump officials promise in this NYT coverage. If Trump wants dramatic change in a way that frees veterans from being subject to bureaucrats, then the founder of Concerned Veterans for America, Hegseth, seems the natural choice to put it in place.

Veterans have waited long enough for bureaucrats and politicians to make real changes within the VA. Veterans need and deserve all the help they can get from the government that put them in harm’s way.

Trump must live up fully to his promise to veterans for his presidency to have success.

Source: Hot Air

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