This Guy Came After Jeff Sessions For Racism…Except One Major Problem!

Liberal Democrats are concerned about the cabinet nominations that President-elect Donald Trump has named so far. Among those that they are most at odds with is the choice for Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., as attorney general.

Democrats assert that Sessions has a history of racially charged comments which is the primary reason they say they plan to protest his nomination. Al Sharpton has a protest march to the Capitol planned for this week.

And Sen. Cory Booker, D-NJ will testify against his colleague during the hearings.

The claims of racism prevented Sessions from being confirmed for an earlier nomination to a federal court in 1986. The Daily Caller reported, however, that the man behind those allegations, former assistant US attorney Thomas Figures, has a questionable past. His family and friends describe him as “erratic” with “disturbed behavior.”

In sworn statements obtained by The Daily Caller, “former colleagues allege Figures, who died in 2015, was a paranoid figure who, among other things, believed ‘CBS Evening News’ anchor Dan Rather was communicating with him through his television.”

They also reported that “Figures was later indicted by federal authorities for attempting to bribe a witness.”

Despite his sordid past, Figures’ previous allegations are still taking a toll on Sessions’ reputation. The media, including CNN, CBS, the Associated Press, Vanity Fair and The Daily Beast, are still quick to point out the 30-year-old allegations as evidence of Sessions’ bias as they ignore the man behind the allegations.

Figures had worked with Sessions decades ago. He claimed that “Sessions regularly called him ‘boy’ in private and admonished him to watch his mouth around the office’s white employees.” Sessions denied the allegations and no one stepped forward to support Figures’ accusations.

Source: The Daily Caller

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