This Could Be Hillary Clinton’s Consolation Prize…Conservatives Are Laughing!

In the two months since Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lost her most recent bid for the White House, the former candidate and secretary of state has been largely absent from the public scene.

She appeared at a retirement ceremony for Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., and has been spotted by local fans walking her dog or dining in local restaurants near her New York home.

Clinton herself has been cryptic about her future plans. She clearly thought she would be preparing for her inauguration right about now. Now that those plans are moot, no doubt Clinton is weighing her remaining options.

Newsmax reported on Wednesday that Clinton may be considering a mayoral bid. Democratic donors are reportedly urging Clinton to run for mayor in New York City in a challenge to incumbent Bill de Blasio.

She’s talking about it,” a source told Newsmax. Another asserted that she would win if she ran. Other advisers are prompting Clinton to stay involved politically in case President-elect Donald Trump fails in his first term with the possibility of running for president again in 2020.

Democratic consultant Hank Scheinkoph said that Clinton is so popular among New Yorkers “that were she to file, de Blasio would have to file his retirement papers on the same day.”

Clinton has a strong history in New York City. Seventy-nine percent of New York City voters voted for her over Donald Trump in November and she also won the city in her Senate elections.

De Blasio and Clinton have a mixed past, however. De Blasio served as Clinton’s campaign manager for her 2000 Senate race but the two do not appear close today.

De Blasio endorsed her very late in the Democratic race last year,” Sheinkopf said, “and at times appeared to be quite friendly to Bernie Sanders.” It is presumed that Clinton could take away a significant portion of de Blasio’s base, especially since Bill Clinton “maintains his presidential offices in Harlem.”

Newsmax notes that some supporters believe that mayor of New York would be a step down for Clinton. But others argue that the position would set her up to continue to be a national leader for the Democratic Party.

If Clinton does enter the race, she will likely face opponents other than de Blasio. At least nine other potential Democratic candidates have been testing the waters and will be surely a heated primary.


Source: Newsmax


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