These Violent Protesters Declare Victory…Did NOT See This Reaction Coming!

Violent liberals are attacking freedom of almost daily as they storm meeting places of conservative speakers while beating innocent Americans in the streets and on college campuses.

Leading Democrats called for the violence and Americans are being assaulted by radical leftist rioters determined to fuel a war against the people and laws of the nation.

While the radical liberal rioters attack, mainstream media – the propaganda machine for the left – ignores the violence and instead blames the victims. It’s a sick, dark, disgusting world of anarchy and fascism boiling over as Washington lawmakers stoke the flames of terrorist-fueled sedition.

Violent leftist radicals in California, a state that claims to defend free speech, declared war on the nation at a liberal, activist university this week. Their actions were mocked on social media.

From Twitchy:


They won? Destroying property, assaulting people and, generally speaking, breaking the law and they think they won?

Won what?

And really, dismantle the state? HA.

This is war.

Occupy Oakland, that’s adorable.

The so-called higher education campus where the attacks happened proved to be a breeding ground of violent, radical liberals.

But c’mon, they’re ed-u-macated and stuff … in reality, what they did was closer to fascism.

Someone wanna tell them?

BINGO. These idiots, in their efforts to silence Milo, gave him an even BIGGER platform. Look at how many people are talking about him today.

I’m sure Milo thanks you, Occupy Oakland.

Here’s the reality about the violent liberals:

Democrats and their violent, radical leftist cohorts calling for violence in the streets have started what they wanted.

Mainstream media propagandists are working feverishly to turn the violence against the victims – the American people.

The left should be more cautious of what it calls out into the open. Patriots are seething more each day, and a war – real war – against patriots would leave snowflakes burning up in their own flames of unrest.

Source: Twitchy

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