‘The View’ Co-Host Drops Hard Truth On Meryl Streep…Conservatives Are Cheering!

Liberals have enjoyed eight years of an open mic to spew their ideology that disparages traditional American values and anyone who holds those values.

Hollywood royalty are the most vocal elitists in attacking anyone or anything that has built this nation into the great power that it has become. They openly abuse their position of money and influence to elevate themselves as the know-all mouthpieces of what human existence should be.

The election of President-elect Donald Trump was a nationwide exclamation that enough is enough. Elitist liberals were given notice they can no longer disregard the voices of the people and discard American values as if it were trash beneath their high-dollar heels.

One of daytime TV’s leading liberal loonies got a taste of the new reality on her show when a co-host pointed out the bias and abuse of liberal speech.

Speaking about Meryl Streep’s much-discussed anti-Trump speech at Sunday night’s Golden Globes, The View’s Jedediah Bila remarked that Hollywood has a lack of “diversity of thought” and said Streep targeting Trump “marginalizes people.”

With the conversation centered on Fox News personality Meghan McCain’s criticism of Streep’s speech, saying that is why Trump won, co-host Whoopi Goldberg claimed that Hollywood used to be run by the right-wing She referenced McCarhtyism, before pivoting to her belief that liberal celebrities have been impacted for controversial political remarks more than conservatives have.

It’s an argument that didn’t hold water.

Bila then chimed in, saying if you had “an awards show like this, if you had more diversity of thought represented, it seems like every time an issue is brought up, it’s a center-left issue.”

Goldberg interrupted, as she always does, to protest that the Golden Globes isn’t “that kind of awards show.” Bila countered by reading more of Streep’s speech that insulted more Americans.

Bila highlighted Streep in her speech slamming football and MMA and those who watch the sports. Bila pointed out some Trump voters like Streep, and asked how they might feel knowing Streep insulted them. She said Streep’s speech “marginalizes people.”

Liberals such as those on daytime TV still don’t get how at least half the country feels about this country. Most people aren’t following the ideology of Hollywood royalty.

Hollywood elites need to take a dose of reality and realize most people don’t hold them in high esteem, and the people don’t look to these liberals as examples to follow in life.

Hollywood may believe it provides role models, but truth it’s nothing more than a land of dancing puppets getting paid too much money to spread fake news about life.

Watch the clip of The View here, via ABC:

Source: Mediaite

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