The GOP Is About To DESTROY Liberal Policies…Obama Is FURIOUS!

The old adage “the pen is mightier than the sword” must be one of President Obama’s favorites. Rather than fight for what he believes in, the president has repeatedly used his pen and the power of the executive office and regulations to simply mandate his desires.

As he prepares to leave office, the president is continuing this tradition.

But with an incoming Republican president and Republican leadership in both houses of Congress, the tides may be shifting as Republicans in Congress are vowing to use all the tools possible to protect a group of American workers from the Obama administration’s most recent regulations.

The Washington Examiner reported on Thursday that “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is vowing to reverse the Obama administration’s final stream-protection rule, a regulation released Monday aimed at trying to protect water resources from coal and other surface mining contamination.” The regulation is estimated to impact more than 6,000 miles of streams and “further decimate coal industry employment.

Under the new regulation, companies must monitor and test streams before, during and after mining to ensure that no “material damage” is occurring to streams.

McConnell plans to oppose the regulation using the Congressional Review Act, a law passed during Clinton’s presidency as part of the Republican’s Contract with America. The act allows Congress to express their disapproval of an executive action effectively causing the rule to “have no force or effect.”

The president’s eight-year war on coal has wrecked the lifeblood of the economy and the livelihoods of coal country workers and their families,” McConnell said. He called the regulation a “desperate, last-minute attempt to cement that effort against American energy and American jobs.”

Source: The Washington Examiner


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