Shocking Report: Women’s March Leader Has A SCARY Secret…America’s On High Alert!

Liberals are masters of disguising their devious hate and anger within the appearances of helpful causes.

Funny how they keep forgetting the internet is full of watchdogs waiting for them to slip up and expose how they truly operate.

These Trojan horses do nothing more than appease the public while they work to undermine everything good about the country. The latest sickening revelation shows one of the Women’s March organizers consorting with shady characters tied to Middle Eastern terrorists.

Linda Sarsour is one of the organizers behind Saturday’s Women’s March held in Washington, DC. She was recently spotted at a large Muslim convention in Chicago posing for pictures with an accused financier for Hamas, the terrorist group. From The Daily Caller:

Sarsour, the head of the Arab American Association of New York and an Obama White House “Champion of Change,” was speaking at last month’s 15th annual convention of the Muslim American Society and Islamic Circle of North America.

While there, she posed for a picture with Salah Sarsour, a member of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee. He is a former Hamas operative who was jailed in Israel in the 1990s because of his alleged work for the terrorist group.

While it is unclear if Salah and Linda are related (though they share the same surname, she has suggested in the past on social media that they are not and did not respond to requests for comment), she has other family ties to alleged Hamas operatives. Though she avoids discussing it now, Sarsour has acknowledged in past interviews that she has cousins serving prison time in Israel because of their work for Hamas.

Sarsour has denied having any contact with the terror group. She told The New York Times in 2012 that she would not have been appointed an Obama “Champion of Change” if she had.

Linda Sarsour (Brownstoner)

The activist has risen to national attention recently. She served as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, and she is one of four lead organizers for the Women’s March.

The march has been heavily criticized for excluding pro-life women’s groups. Meanwhile, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights group which opposes abortions past 20 weeks, was asked to take part in the event.

Linda Sarsour has close ties to that organization, which was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) terrorism case.

HLF was found to have funneled money to Hamas, which was designated a terrorist group in the 1990s.

Americans need to pull their heads out of their proverbial butts and pay attention to these connections.

What may appear as simple support of an organization claiming to support the less fortunate is too often a direct link to something or someone whose ultimate goal is to hurt America.

Trojan horses are all too innocent until the cancer they carry is released and takes over.

Source: The Daily Caller

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