SHOCK POLL: Democrats Just Went INSANE…Even Trump Can’t Believe These Results!

President Trump has never been one to take the polls seriously since winning the Republican presidential nomination. After all, if he had paid attention to the polls as a candidate, he would likely have dropped out of the race.

But many other politicians and those in the mainstream media consider polls to be front page news.

The liberal wing of the Democratic Party do not typically like reporting poll numbers that are contrary to their assumptions though. So it will be interesting today to see what, if any, coverage the latest Rasmussen poll numbers receive in the mainstream media.

According to the latest poll released on Monday, 47 percent of likely US voters “think the country is heading in the right direction.” Perhaps even more noteworthy, “that’s up nine points from the previous week and the highest level of optimism in over 12 years of regular surveying.”

That means that Trump’s actions in his first ten days in office have yielded a higher level of optimism from the American people than eight years of leadership by President Obama and the last four years of President Bush.

Right Track/Wrong Track (Rasmussen Reports)

Rasmussen conducted the telephone survey of 3,000 likely voters during Trump’s first full week in office. Their report notes that “it remains to be seen whether this finding represents a new burst of optimism or is just a one-week statistical hiccup.” However, they also pointed out that the levels optimism in the country have steadily risen since the fall.

Say what you will about Trump’s policies on an individual level. But taken as a whole, the American people are generally happy with what they are seeing out of Washington.

Source: Rasmussen Reports

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