Rockette Cries About Trump Performance…Gets Absolutely Crushed, Shocked By Who It Is!

Liberal entertainers flocked to support one of the most disapproved candidates in the history of US presidential elections this year, praising her amidst all her corruption.

Once she lost, they turned their ire against the one who sent her into political retirement. Crying foul about the election, whining about their future and creating false labels for President-elect Donald Trump has been the song of losing liberals.

It’s a pattern of attacking trump that continues as his presidential inauguration grows near. Entertainers have refused to perform at the event as the chide Trump and his vows turn the country around for the better.

Some within the Radio City Rockettes from New York City, Trump’s hometown, are speaking in favor of boycotting the big event to undermine the president elect, according to The Blaze. A veteran member of the female leg-kickers has called them out for their lack of professionalism and support of the country.

Former Rockette, Autumn Withers, who was a Rockette from 2005-2007,  has objected to the group having the dancers perform.

“To perform for someone that represents everything that we, as women, have ever had to overcome is contrary to everything we know to be right and true,” Withers said, according to TheWrap.

Another veteran Rockette is now firing back, telling Withers and others to get over it.

“We are all aware how contentious this election has been for our country,” Patty DeCarlo Grantham, president of the Rockette Alumnae Association, said, the New York Post reported. “The only thing the Rockettes should be focused on is performing for our nation and helping unite us all with the joy, love, beauty and strength for which they are famous.”

Grantham took a step further in reaching out to Rockettes past and present when she wrote to the 552-member association.

“I know most of you…would consider it a great honor to be invited to perform for our country’s most prestigious celebration of democracy. Like the millions of people who are true Rockette fans, we cannot wait to see the Rockettes proudly ‘strut their stuff’ for the upcoming inauguration of the President of the United States of America.”

More than 1 million people are expected to crowd the National Mall in Washington, DC, on Jan. 20, according to The Blaze. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president.

Many entertainers have committed to perform at the inauguration despite the squawking of eltitist entertainers.

Jackie Evancho, the 16-year-old former “America’s Got Talent” contestant and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir are also among those scheduled to perform at the festivities.

Every four years millions of people don’t agree with the person elected to be president. What separates the US for other countries is a democracy dependent on unity following a change in leadership.

Liberals unfortunately, don’t want unity. They profess tolerance and promote discord, division and even violence.

It’s time liberals got over it so they don’t get kicked around any longer.

Source: The Blaze

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