A Road Sign Was HACKED … Everyone EXCEPT Hillary Will LOVE This!

A roadside message has half the country laughing at the harsh truth it proclaims even as the other half whines about the language.

The construction area sign that normally warns drivers of dangers ahead was hacked to display a political message. That message is a clear warning of what voters face in choosing a president this election day.

Social media made sure the message spread to millions more people considering the presidential candidates of Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

The Hill reported the sign at a commuter lot in Prince William County in Virginia displayed the message: “Crooked Hillary is a b—-. Vote Trump.”

It was a hilarious election season hack.

Officials told the The Washington Post on Wednesday that the sign equipment had not be locked, allowing easy access to the keyboard panel.

“There’s a set of instructions next to the panel,” said Winston Forrest, a spokesman for the county elections office. “Anyone who could get access to it could make the change.”

Authorities are investigating the incident and the county’s elections officials said they have placed locks on the other road signs promoting early voting.

When someone leaves a computer system unsecured it’s easy for anyone to hack into it and take advantage of the system however they want.

Sound familiar?

Along the path to election day voters should heed the roadside warnings and nix the – Democrat – and  vote Trump.

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