REVEALED: John Kerry Betrayed America And Could Go To Jail…Americans Are Furious!

When news broke last week about the United Nations vote to condemn Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu almost immediately chastised the United States for refusing to veto the measure. Within days, additional allegations emerged suggesting that the US not only refused to veto the measure but that the US was directly involved in writing and supporting the resolution’s passage.

Secretary of State John Kerry promptly denied the charges despite emerging reports that he was directly involved himself. The Israeli government has vowed to share the information they have with President-elect Trump after he takes office later in January.

Given the Obama administrations recent actions, it is easier to believe the latest report that is coming out suggesting that Kerry may have actually wanted ISIS to grow in size and strength.

The Political Insider reported that audio was released by the New York Times in September that included a conversation between Kerry and leaders of Syrian opposition groups. They assert that a new analysis of the audio suggests that “the Obama administration was solely seeking regime change in Syria, and hoping ISIS would be the catalyst driving that change.”

We know that this was growing,” Kerry said. “We were watching. We saw that DAESH (ISIS) was growing in strength, and we thought Assad was threatened.”

[We] thought, however, we could probably manage that. Assad might then negotiate,” Kerry added.

If the agenda of the Obama administration was in fact to let ISIS grow to help defeat Assad, then it would explain why the Obama administration allowed ISIS to grow at the rate they did without apparent US intervention.


Source: The Political Insider


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