Protester Slams Trump’s Executive Order…Gets EVISCERATED By Fox News Host!

Liberals love to attack anything they disagree with even if they don’t know all the facts.

Leftists protest for the sake of protest and claim they are acting within the fundamentals of Americans’ rights to free speech and civil disobedience.

Most people give the teary-eyed liberals some slack when protesting, except when those “civil” acts become disruptive and are blatantly anti-American. Protesting to support foreigners over US citizens doesn’t garner any sympathy from people watching the unsightly protests after a long day of work.

Liberals are losing sympathy points each time their mass gaggles snarl traffic or disrupt airline flights of hard-working people. It also doesn’t help when the self-described leaders organizing the protests are clueless about the purpose of the protests. From Fox News:

Cameron Whitten, the man who organized one of the protests against President Donald Trump’s executive order barring immigration from certain countries, said he was “very troubled” by its implementation.

When pressed by Fox host Tucker Carlson, Whitten would not say whether he read the text of that executive order, but maintained that he read several documents and orders released by the White House.

Carlson, who hosts Tucker Carlson Tonight, said the order’s text demands the United States not admit people “who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred” based on others’ race or gender. He asked whether Whitten would agree with such a contention.

Watch Carlson eviscerate Whitten here:

Whitten, who could only name two of the seven countries named in the order, broke into the classic liberal side-step and blame something else mantra.

Whitten responded by calling the overall application of the executive order to be “questionable.” He also faulted Trump for acting faster than people are “able to have a conversation” about the issues.

Carlson asked whether Whitten and his fellow protesters felt any regard for American citizens who may have missed flights or were inconvenienced by demonstrations blocking airport roadways and entryways.

The protesters were demonstrating their First Amendment rights, Whitten said, “Democracy is messy.”

This junkie of liberal ideology is a laughingstock to hard-working Americans. Good news is his complete lack of any grasp on reality hurts liberals and bolsters the views of Americans who care about the country.

Press on protesters, you’re doing a great job undermining your radical leftist fight against America.

Source: Fox News

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