Pro-American Muslim SPEAKS OUT…Outlines Anti-Terror Strategy In Just Five Words!

It is a sad commentary on our current state of affairs, but many Americans have become rather used to hearing news about yet another ISIS-inspired attack. It is nonetheless shocking when those events hit close to home or hit one of our allies.

Such was the case yesterday after news broke of the terrorist attack in Berlin which killed at least 12 people and injured dozens more as well as the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey. We are hurt and offended, but we are also rather used to it.

Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” hosted Dr. Zudhi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, as he called for a new mantra in our fight against “violent Islamism.”

It’s the global jihad, stupid,” Jasser said. “These are jihadis. Before they become militant jihadis, they’re non-militant jihadis, who believe America’s evil, who are against democracy, who believe in the Sharia state, who are misogynistic, they’re anti-Christian and anti-Semitic online.”

Jasser asserts that it the responsibility of Homeland Security and other government agencies to monitor potential terror suspects online and the responsibility of each of us to hold true to the ideals of our society. He argues that the moment to intervene is not when the terrorists are about to act, when they have already become violent.

We should be intervening before they become violent. Jasser argues that these ideas are not being followed online resulting in those tasked with protecting us having to play catch up to stop terrorist events that are about to happen rather than preventing those types of attacks altogether.

The State Department issued a warning approximately three weeks ago to Americans traveling overseas, particularly those attending large, public events similar to the Christmas market attacked in Berlin.

Source: Fox News

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